Who We Are

John Grey

Hello – John Grey is my alias.  We go by aliases on this website because we will be giving away trade secrets that the largest brands use for marketing and strategy tactics.  I began my career working in Wealth Management for a global investment bank.  I decided to attend business school to transition into marketing.  After graduating from a top MBA program, I worked as a marketing manager for some of the largest brands including Hot Wheels and Campbell’s Soup.  Recognizing that large brands hold the knowledge and expertise to grow their businesses year after year, I wanted to pass on these trade secrets to small business owners.  My goal is to make my learnings and past experiences relevant for small business owners so that you can deliver the most effective small business marketing strategies and tactics to help you win in your industry.

Adam Black

Hi – I’m Adam Black. That isn’t my real name but it is what it is. I started as an architectural engineer working for a few very large corporate firms but decided against that life. Like John, I went to a top business school and transitioned to brand management and finance hoping to find a good balance between the corporation and entrepreneur-type companies. I have worked on a few world recognized brands that have crossed generations and now work for the entrepreneurial arm of a $98 billion corporation. I enjoy trying to understand why the underdog will be just as successful in markets and business environments, such as what we are seeing today.  My hope is to help you take a different approach to business management than the generic practices and tactics that your competition utilizes, to help you succeed in your business and industry.