Timing of Marketing – Always

Typically, traditional forms of marketing can be expensive on the grand scale.  Print, billboard, radio, and TV can be very costly to get impressions up and consumers to your store or online shop.  For small businesses, a marketing budget is usually underfunded and can get cut easily as capital will be pulled for bigger items.  But if you have a very exciting (which does not imply expensive) marketing program around your shop or products, it is a better problem to chase your supply chain than to chase the sale.

Here is a simple model that will help you get sales lined up and pushed through in three easy steps:

  1. Pre-order Marketing:  Tell them before they want it
  2. Order Marketing:  Tell them when they want it
  3. Post Order Marketing: Tell them after they want it

Pre-Order Marketing

Lining up a demand or a pre-order sale helps in many ways.  By doing such, you have a better understanding of what your demand might be and you can therefore plan your supply chain to produce the supply plus a little more to ensure every customer gets what they want, when they want it.  Moreover, you do not have to invest the capital for something that may sit on your shelf and have some sort of inventory cost.

Order Marketing

Obviously, when you product is available, you need to communicate that it is.  Most small businesses forget to do this or stop doing this because their demand is too high and they cannot scale production accordingly – another problem that is better to have.

Post-Order Marketing

I often forget to use the product/service that I couldn’t wait to get and probably spent too much on simply because I find myself very busy with other things and forgot about it after the first 5 hours of use.  Don’t forget to remind your consumer how great of a product that you sold them is by showing the functionality of it.

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