A Twitter Follower vs. a Business Follower

Today I performed an experiment. To give you some background, this website was launched about 6 weeks ago and today, I have about 88 twitter followers. Granted, a small following but nonetheless, a following that will provide a statistically significant result.  As you can imagine, this website is still in the “developing awareness” phase.

I decided that I wanted to test my followers.  I tweeted that I am trying to achieve Facebook Likes and would like them to take two seconds out of their day to like eMarketingFreak.com via the Facebook Like Button on my homepage.  I retweeted this about an hour later.  Six hours later, I had zero likes.

There is clearly a way to target a twitter follower however, what this experiment has showed me is that 100% of my organic twitter follower fan base are just that: twitter followers.  I would prefer business followers, obviously.  But unfortunately, I am still in the slow process of getting ranked high in Google so that I can be found.

What does this mean for your social media marketing strategy?  Firstly, twitter is ineffective in the early stages of your website.  Your twitter followers will consist of twitter followers, but not business followers.  Business followers come through time as you develop trial, awareness, and market penetration.  Secondly, twitter is filled with business owners like yourself – people that are trying to promote their business.  They will follow you because you are relevant to their business in some way, however, they will only stay as twitter followers – never a business follower.

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